Tippy Toes at Tinklewood Luxury Cat Hotel


We have  6 X spacious suites that can keep a maximum of 3 cats per suite.

Each suite is decorated in a different colour/flower theme to a luxurious standard. Beds are waiting via a ladder at a shallow angle and thick rungs. Cats with all abilities can scale with ease. China bowls are used and washed daily. From the early hours until the evening the sound of music or TV is present for that homely feeling.  Each cat has a beautifully soft cushion that will belong to them. They even get to keep them. Each suite has its own double glazed window with a widened sill both indoors and outside for those lazy hazy days. For added security there is a safety corridor between the suites and the outside world. We operate a two door system (one door is closed before another is open), for those cats who think they are Houdini!!

A selection of fun and friendly toys, scratching poles and hidy-holes. A glitter ball hangs to catch the sun that cast little speckles of light to pounce on!! Lots of places with a view to sunbathe or warm paws on the heated floor. Thermostatically controlled underfloor heating ensuring the temperature never drops below 15*C (59*F) regardless of the time of year.

In warmer weather the windows to the suites can be opened ensuring lots of fresh air.  A steel meshed protected outdoor ledge, complete with astro-turf  enables them to relax outside, a little closer to nature and the birds yet ensuring no escapees!

On certain evenings the cats can be served an A la Carte dinner, fresh boneless fish, roast beef, lamb or chicken. This is all included in the price but we kindly ask that this is marked on the booking form if the cats usually eat these things, as we do not want upset stomachs. A few little treats will be on offer for afternoon tea, as will a little night night cat milk be given at bedtime. Once again only if usually allowed. (Fresh water provided at all times)

Viewings are available by appointment only.